NEC SV8100 InMail Auto Attendant

The InMail Auto Attendant is usually setup for a day and a night greeting as well as a holiday or inclement weather greeting. The day greeting for a single company setup would be 001 and the night greeting would be 002. The holiday or other than normal greeting is usually set to 003 and used in the Answer Schedule Over ride mode when closed on a day that would be a normal work day such as in Thanksgiving or a snow day. The auto attendant is usually set to answer with the day greeting during hours set by your installer and will play the day greeting at those times independently from the mode the SV8100 is set to. The night greeting would then play at any time outside of the day hours. When changing the greeting please listen (5 Key) to the greeting that is in place before you press the 7 key to rerecord the greeting to make sure you are changing the greeting you want changed. First step is to either go to the System Administrator phone or get into the system administrator voice mailbox. This is usually extension 101, but any extension can be setup to be the system administrator.

1: From the actual phone press the VMsg softkey. If not at the actual extension enter the Voice Mail pilot number (usually 200) and enter the extension number of the system administrator.
2: You will be prompted for the security code if one is enabled. Enter it.
3: After you have entered the code enter 72 (SA) to go to the system administrator menu
4: press the 4 (I) for instruction message
5: press 001 for the day message, 002 for the night message or 003 for holiday message.
6: Press 5 (L) to listen, 7 (R)to record or 3 (D) to delete the message
7: When you are finished recording the message press the # key.
8: you can then listen by pressing the 5 (L) key to verify it saved the message.
9: Press the # key to go back or hang up when satisfied with the message

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