NEC SV8100 InMail Answer Schedule Override

The inmail on the SV8100 is a flashed based voice mail that is a simple flash card that is installed on the CPU card of the SV8100. These are the instructions for the way Grant Communications sets up most of the InMail based voice mails. At the time of install you were given instructions for your specific installation but this is a general overview of how to enable Answer Schedule Override (ASO) for Holidays or days that are not generally Scheduled work days. This is enabled until it is turned off on the next normal buisness day.
First step is to either go to the System Administrator phone or get into the system administrator voice mailbox. This is usually extension 101, but any extension can be setup to be the system administrator.

1: From the actual phone press the VMsg softkey.
2: You will be prompted for the security code if one is enabled. Enter it.
3: After you have entered the code enter 72 (SA) to go to the system administrator menu
4: Enter 6 (O) to enter ASO
5: Enter the table number. This is normally 01
6: Enter 6 (O) to turn it on or off.
At this point if you have enabled ASO in the past this is all you need to do as the override mailbox should be saved from the previous use. If not you need to tell it which mailbox to play until you turn off the ASO
7: Press 2 (C) to enter or change the Override mailbox.
8: Enter the override mailbox. Usually 003
9: Press the # key to back out of the administrator and hang up you are finished

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