NEC UX5000 UXMAIL Auto Attendant

The UXMail is similar to the AspireMail in that it uses Mail box 811 for the day greeting and 812 is normally the Night greeting. Sometime we enable a third greeting for answer schedule override and this is normally 813. This can be used for holiday or any day that is different from the normal schedule. We use this with Answer Schedule Override. The Voice mail controls which greeting plays by defining an answer schedule in the voice mail. This schedule is independent from the phone system and the night mode on the phone system is not the night mode for the greeting that is playing. This is so we can have things like a manual break mode that will not play the night message when enabled. We can setup the phone system to play different messages with different modes if that is what the customer needs. To change the greeting for the day or night perform the following steps.

1 From the system administrator phone (usually 301) login to the voice mail by pressing the VMsg Key
2 Press 72 (SA) to enter System Administrator mode
3 Press 4 (I) for Instruction message
4 It will ask for the mailbox to modify Enter 811 for day and 812 for night
5 Press 5 (L) to listen to the greeting to make sure this is the greeting you want to change
6 Press 7 (R)to record a new greeting and press # when you are finished. At this point you can then press 5 (L) to listen to the message you just recorded for accuracy.
7 At this point you can press the # key to go back or simply hang up to exit.

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